Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am creating another study log as the previous one is unable to sign in currently. It have been so long that I din’t update my blog recently. Here is the first poem that I wrote in my entire life, seriously I haven’t write any poems before in English and I may considered this is the first time to stare at the screen and searching for ideas and words to write a poem . I am in a very bad and frustrating mood as I write this poem and honestly is all about me.

My heart stop beating ,
My hand stop moving,
My mouth stop talking,
My leg stop walking ,
I stay and stay ,
Have no intention to move on.

Everything seem dead to me,
Every smiles of mine are fake,
Every actions of mine are unreal,
Every steps of mine are still,
I stay and stay ,
Everything I did is unfocus.

I’m wearing a mask every day ,
I’m hating myself being so unwise,
I’m happy ,deep inside,
I’m sad and useless,
I stay and stay,
I want to be myself as before again.

Do everybody deserve a second chance to be a nice person again?


  1. u can b urself again. If u feel more satisfy n happier if u become the previous u, den i will have to pray for u, to let u go, walking on ur own path for the sake of becoming better u.

    best regards

  2. "Do everybody deserve a second chance to be a nice person again"
    everything happended is happended.nobody deserve second chance,but everybody need to workhard to become better in the future.Nothing changed the past,but you the one who change ur future.

  3. coated with white colour,
    having an angel's fragrance,
    thats a jasmine.
    you are one of this kind.
    stop thinking stop wondering.
    do everythng that come cross ur mind.

    dont be a zombie dont be a mok-mok,
    lets pump ur heart, lets move ur hand.
    open ur mouth and shout it loud.
    move ur hand, move ur leg and ur body too,
    dance as if the world are urs.

    things are not dead as it seems to be,
    they are just playing hide n seek with u.
    try to find them at different angle,
    u sure will find them in a short while.
    how a fake smile is ?
    is it looks like a smiling lamb ? kitten ? or a snake ? XD
    or a baby pig ?
    if its unfocus then dont focus it,
    use ur senses n heart to do it.

    y u wana be a clown ? short gal bcome clown ?
    hmmm hmmm.... funny... wakakakaka... =p
    take away the mask ba... be urself...
    i noe the real kcv is still hiding somewhere in ur soul.
    please dont hate urself,
    there are many people outside that loves u so much.
    dont mention u r useless,
    i think ur parents or even ur ah gong n ah ma,
    they wouldnt be happy to hear this.

    Yea, be urself, dont be clown, be the happy go lucky,
    charming, lovely, funny, n adorable kcv like u used to be.

    its not a chance... its a oppurtunity that u must grab it by urself..

    PS : y la u wan stress urself again neh ? haiyyooo ~~
    dont go out alone can ad har... atleast must have some1 to teman u.