Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am creating another study log as the previous one is unable to sign in currently. It have been so long that I din’t update my blog recently. Here is the first poem that I wrote in my entire life, seriously I haven’t write any poems before in English and I may considered this is the first time to stare at the screen and searching for ideas and words to write a poem . I am in a very bad and frustrating mood as I write this poem and honestly is all about me.

My heart stop beating ,
My hand stop moving,
My mouth stop talking,
My leg stop walking ,
I stay and stay ,
Have no intention to move on.

Everything seem dead to me,
Every smiles of mine are fake,
Every actions of mine are unreal,
Every steps of mine are still,
I stay and stay ,
Everything I did is unfocus.

I’m wearing a mask every day ,
I’m hating myself being so unwise,
I’m happy ,deep inside,
I’m sad and useless,
I stay and stay,
I want to be myself as before again.

Do everybody deserve a second chance to be a nice person again?